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Rip It Tear It Stitch It Wear It

Posted by:
Helene B.
Photographer: Mari Sarai
Model: Soo Joo
Magazine: i-D
Date: May, 2013
Stylist: Erika Kurihara
Makeup: Janeen Witherspoon
Hair: Tomo Jidai

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God Gave Rock and Roll to You

Posted by:
Are Sundnes
Photographer: Daniel Thomas Smith
Magazine: i-D
Date: October, 2012
Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Models: Renee at Union. Chelsea at M + P Models. Ali and Leila at Select
Hair: David Wadlow
Makeup: Bea Sweet

(Source: i-D)

Make it sparkle

Posted by:
Are Sundnes
Photographer: Vanina Sorrenti
Model: Shalom Harlow
Magazine: i-D
Date: February, 2010
Stylist: Marina Burani

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